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My Neighbourhood Trnsko 2060


My Neighbourhood Trnsko 2060

Exhibition of works by the pupils of Trnsko Elementary School, a pedagogical and educational programme accompanying the exhibition “Half a Century of Trnsko – the Story of a Generation”

Exhibition Concept: Vesna Leiner, Kristian Strukić
Poster Design: LaserPlus
Venue: Zagreb City Museum
Duration: May/June 2010

The aim of this exhibition was to see how the youngest residents of Trnsko – the pupils of Trnsko Elementary School – imagined their neighbourhood in 50 years. We, therefore, included them in this project to see whether this positive neighbourhood spirit of community was passed to younger generations, hoping that it would be reflected in their works.  
The response exceeded expectations!
All the pupils of this school, all 801 of them, together with their teachers led by the headmistress, enthusiastically joined the action. Their artworks warned about what was missing in the neighbourhood, and what they thought would develop in 50 years – on its one hundred years of existence.

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