What Dubrava Means to Us


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What Dubrava Means to Us

Exhibition Concept: Kristian Strukić, Vesna Leiner
Poster and Leaflet Design: Miljenko Gregl
Venue: Zagreb City Museum
Duration: June/July 2012

From autumn 2011 to spring 2012 the informative street exhibition titled What Dubrava Means to You? was put up in several places around Dubrava. This was part of the actions aimed at including the residents of the area in the preparation of a research-based exhibition on Dubrava. On the one hand, the aim of the street exhibition was to collect the materials on the history of Dubrava for the research-based exhibition titled Zagreb Dubrava – From the Suburbs to the City, and on the other, to invite the residents of this part of the City to answer the question: What Dubrava Means to You? using their own photographs with Dubrava motifs.       

The submitted works, mostly created by younger generations and featured in the exhibition What Dubrava Means to Us?, showed us what was in the focus of interest of the residents of Dubrava. The motifs they chose were part of their everyday life, the reflection of their experience of the environment they lived in, so we could easily recognise the topics that were important and interesting to them. Each artist had a different association to Dubrava: for some, it was the road to school, park or friends, and for others, these were cityscapes, sporting events or the street they lived on…Some works were objective representations of the place of residence with all of its advantages and disadvantages.        

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